Conftele 2009 Accepted Papers


Antennas, Microwaves and Radiowave Propagation
ID Title
#17Cellular planning of 802.16e WiMAX networks
Marco Araújo, António Navarro, Armando Rocha
#18Effects of the Indoor Installation Scenario on the Radiation Pattern of Microstrip Patch Antennas
André Violante, Custódio Peixeiro
#25Electromagnetic Fields Radiated by Fluorescent and Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Daniel Sebastião, Carla Oliveira, Gonçalo Carpinteiro, Diana Ladeira, Mónica Antunes, Luís M. Correia, Carlos Fernandes
#26Application of Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) Materials in Low Profile Antenna Design
Qi Luo, José Rocha Pereira, Henrique Salgado
#32Macro-Cellular Capacity Enhancement using Spatial Multiplexing MIMO with Linear Antenna Arrays
Pedro Vieira, Paula Queluz, António Rodrigues
#48Guided Modes in a Metamaterial Slab Formed by Crossed Metallic Wires
Tiago Morgado, Mário Silveirinha
#49Computation of the Effective Parameters of Metamaterials Using a Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain Method
João Costa, Mário Silveirinha
#55Study of Material Interference in a RFID Tag Reading
Maria Fernandes, Jorge Rodrigues, Nuno Bonifácio, Paulo Saraiva, Pedro Brochado, Nuno Borges De Carvalho
#72FDTD with selective update: a method to minimize the simulation time
João Casaleiro, Pedro Pinho
#74Leaky Mode Dispersion in Omega NRD Waveguides
António Topa, Carlos Paiva, Afonso Barbosa
#85Optic axes of general anisotropic media: a geometric algebra perspective
Sérgio Matos, Carlos Paiva, Afonso Barbosa
#87A novel approach to the reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves at interfaces between isotropic and general anisotropic media
João Canto, Carlos Paiva, Afonso Barbosa
#100Invisibility Cloaks in Electromagnetic Theory
Marco Ribeiro, Carlos Paiva
#106An Extension of the dRET Model to include Time-Variant Channel Effects in Vegetation Media
Sérgio Morgadinho, Rafael Caldeirinha, Telmo Fernandes, Miqdad Al-Nuaimi, Juergen Richter
#129SiGe MMICs with Spiral Inductors up to 30GHz
Jorge Torres, J. Costa Freire

Electronics for Telecommunications
ID Title
#4A 5.7 GHz RF transceiver for wireless sensors applications
João Carmo, Paulo Mendes, Higino Correia
#15Low-Area 4th-Order Shared-Amplifier Sigma-Delta Modulator
Tiago Costa, Rui Neves, Paulo Pereira, Nuno Horta
#16A Bandgap Voltage Reference With Only CMOS Transistors
António Ribeiro, Ricardo Gama, Tiago Costa, Rui Neves, Nuno Horta
#22Analog Circuits Optimization based on Evolutionary Computation Techniques
Manuel Barros, Jorge Guilherme, Nuno Horta
#24A 2.4GHz CMOS Integer-N Phase-Locked Loop
Vítor Fialho, João Vaz
#42Low-Cost, Compatible Dedicated Short Range Communications Chain for Road Transport and Traffic Telematics
Ricardo Abreu, João Matos, Jorge Gomes
#65Polar Transmitter Pre-Distortion Technique Validated with 2.5G Mobile Communication Signals
Pedro Miguel Cabral, Lorena Cabria, José Angel Garcia, José Carlos Pedro
#81Validation of a Behavioral Model based on Volterra Series with coefficients determined orthogonally
Pedro Miguel Lavrador, José Carlos Pedro
#91A 1.8V/5GHz CMOS WLAN Low Noise Amplifier Integrated with Active BALUN
Fernando Azevedo, Luis Mendes, Vitor Fialho, João Vaz, Fernando Fortes, Maria J. Rosário
#95Bandwidth Requirements of Envelope Amplifiers for Polar Transmitters
Filipe Rodrigues, Pedro Miguel Cabral, José Carlos Pedro
#102Characterization of a SDR Front-End Receiver with Multisine Excitations
Pedro Cruz, Nuno Borges Carvalho
#103Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for the Linear Operating Region of Power Amplifier
Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini

Information Security
ID Title
#28Developing an Information System for Classified Electronic Documents
Ivan Matic, Zoran Skocir

Instrumentation and Measurements
ID Title
#6RFID and wireless sensing
João Carmo, Higino Correia, Carlos Couto
#50Development and Implementation of Algorithms for Power Quality Measurements
Pedro Ramos, Tomas Radil, Fernando Janeiro, A.C. Serra
#76A Survey on the Implementation of a Magnetic Induction Tomography Prototype: Theoretical Description and Experimental Issues
Nuno Brás, Raúl Marins, António Serra
#94Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variabilities Estimation Using Ballistocardiography
Eduardo Pinheiro, Octavian Postolache, Pedro Girão
#101Global Instrumentation Network for Broadband RF Spectrum Monitoring
Octavian Postolache, Pedro Girão, Fernando Tavares, Sérgio Antunes
#113Novel Photonic RF Instantaneous Frequency Measurement System Using an HiBi Fiber-based Interefometer
Miguel Drummond, Rogério Nogueira, Paulo Monteiro
#125Virtual Instrument to Detect Defects in Conductive Materials
Helena Maria Ramos, Artur Ribeiro, Francisco Alegria, Octavian Postolache

Materials and Devices
ID Title
#11The Effect of Temperature on the Frequency Response of p-i-n Photodiodes for Optical Communications
Jorge Pereira
#31Plastic Optical Fibers with Gain and Switching
Ana Charas, Ana Luísa Mendonça, Jenny Clark, Guglielmo Lanzani, Luca Bazzana, Alessandro Nocivelli, Jorge Morgado
#86Characterization of self-assembled monolayers of thiols on gold using scanning tunneling microscopy
Quirina Ferreira, Graça Brotas, Luis Alcácer, Jorge Morgado
#92Environmental ageing of polymer-based thin film transistors: influence of the semiconducting polymer chemical structure
Jorge Morgado, Ana Charas, Luis Alcácer

Mobile and Wireless Communications
ID Title
#13Load Balanced DSR Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Vahid Nazari Talooki, Jonathan Rodriguez
#20Impact Analysis of the Shortest Path Movement Model on Routing Strategies for VDTNs in a Rural Region
Vasco Soares, Joel Rodrigues, Farid Farahmand
#21Perfect Periodic Autocorrelation Codes Derived From M-Sequences
João Pereira, Henrique Silva
#23Risks of Migration to IMS and a Way to their Mitigation
Fernando Almeida, José Cruz, José Oliveira
#40Solutions for Body Sensor Networks
Paulo Neves, João Caldeira, Américo Mendes, Orlando Pereira, Joel Rodrigues
#41Relay-Assisted Cooperative Schemes for the UL OFDMA Based Systems
Andreia Moço, Adão Silva, Atílio Gameiro
#43WiMAX QoS - Dynamic Service Flow Management
Nuno Rodrigues, Rui Rocha
#44Laboratory Performance Comparison of Wi-Fi Point-to-Point Links: a Case Study-
José A. R. Pacheco De Carvalho, Hugo Veiga, Paulo A. J. Gomes, Cláudia F. F. P. Ribeiro Pacheco, Nuno Marques, António D. Reis
#54Analysis of Technologies for Long Term Evolution in UMTS
Sara Duarte, Luís Correia, Luís Santo
#58Multi-resolution with Hierarchical Modulations for Long Term Evolution of UMTS
Américo Correia, Guilherme Marona
#61Modelling of Building Height Interference Dependence in UMTS
Armando Marques, Luis Correia, Sérgio Pires
#64WiMAXmeter: Test & Measurement bench for WiMAX systems
João Matos, Rui Rocha, Rui Neves
#66Dynamic simulation planning of mobile WiMAX networks
Guilherme Pereira, António Rodrigues, Pedro Sebastião
#70Magnitude Modulation for Peak Power Control of RRC Pulse-Shaped Signals
Marco Gomes, Vitor Silva, Francisco Cercas, Martin Tomlinson
#71Modelling of Linear Coverage in UMTS Applied to Tunnels and Bridges
Vikash Laxmidas, Luís Correia, Sérgio Pires
#78Comparison between UMTS/HSPA+ and WiMAX/IEEE 802.16e in Mobility Scenarios
Ricardo Preguiça, Luís Correia, Carlos Caseiro
#98A Statistical 3D MIMO Radio Channel Model for UMTS
Filipe Leonardo, Luís Correia
#104A Possible MAC Layer Implementation for Dedicated Short Range Communications
Daniel Morais, Luís Domingues, Ricardo Abreu, João Matos
#105Hybrid WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks for the Support of B-Learning and Telemedicine
Rui Costa, Fernando J. Velez, Daniel Robalo, Marco Marques, Cláudio Comissário, José Riscado, Victor Cavaleiro, Pedro Sebastião, António Rodrigues
#107HCS in UMTS/HSPA Systems
Tiago Rebelo, António Rodrigues
#109Multiband OFDM Transmission in RoF Systems
Leandro Oliveira, Mário Lima, António Teixeira
#114Spectrum analyzer with USRP, GNU Radio and MATLAB
António José Costa, João Lima, Lúcia Antunes, Nuno Borges Carvalho
#117Performance Analysis of Altimeter-Aided GNSS Receiver for Indoor Scenarios
Fernando Nunes, Fernando Sousa, José Leitão

Multimedia Technologies and Applications
ID Title
#12Fast Implementation for Multiscale Recurrent Pattern Image Coding
Danillo Graziosi, Nuno Rodrigues, Eduardo Da Silva, Vítor Silva, Sérgio Faria
#39Enhancing Biometrics Security
Tiago Santos, Gonçalo Lourenço, Luis Ducla Soares, Paulo Lobato Correia
#67Fast Motion Estimation for H.264 using Dynamic Search Window
Sandro Moiron, Mohammed Ghanbari
#77Evaluation of Pre-processing in Road Pavement Image Analysis
Henrique Oliveira, Paulo Lobato Correia
#79Compound Image Segmentation for Multiscale Recurrent Pattern Coding
Luís Lucas, Nuno Rodrigues, Sérgio Faria
#89Quality assessment of H.264/AVC encoded video
Tomás Brandão, Luís Roque, Paula Queluz
#96Re-engineering Jake2 to work on a grid
Gonçalo Amador, Ricardo Alexandre, Abel Gomes
#112Multiple Description Coding Scheme for H.264/AVC Intra Slices
Pedro Correia, Pedro Assunção, Vitor Silva
#128Video Summary Generation and Coding Using Temporal Scalability
Lino Ferreira, Luís Cruz, Pedro A. Amado Assunção

ID Title
#2Sensor Network deployment based on data variability
Roberto Henriques, Rui Rocha
#3Integrated System for Collecting, Processing and Storing Network Information
Catarina Monteiro, Paulo Salvador, António Nogueira, Eduardo Rocha, Rui Valadas
#7Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Flooding-Probabilistic DTN Protocol using Logged Contact Data
Constantino Antunes, Ricardo Morla
#9A low-cost wireless sensor network
João Carmo, Paulo Mendes, Carlos Couto, Higino Correia
#14Network Coding Multicast Framework for Broadband Satellite Systems
Fausto Vieira, João Barros
#29Design of Survivable Optical Networks with Minimum CAPEX
Rui Morais, Claunir Pavan, Cristina Requejo, Armando Pinto
#33Multi-Radio Hybrid Wireless-Optical Broadband Access Networks
Noelia Correia, José Coimbra, Gabriela Schutz
#68Evaluating WiMAX QoS performance in a real testbed
Ricardo Matos, Pedro Neves, Susana Sargento
#69WiMAX Deployment, Planning and Optimization: Application to Different Scenarios
Bruno Rés, Susana Sargento
#73Studies for Modeling Basic Aspects of Source Traffic
João Gomes, Pedro Inácio, Branka Lakic, Mário Freire, Henrique Silva, Paulo Monteiro
#82A Classification Framework for Network and Service Management Models
João Trindade, Teresa Vazão
#88On the Estimation of CAPEX in Optical Multilayer Networks
Claunir Pavan, Rui Manuel Morais, Armando Nolasco Pinto
#97Preserving network QoS during remote images-management
Hélder Mendes, Jorge Mamede

Optical Communications Systems
ID Title
#5Near Threshold Regime Optimization of a Corrugation-Pitch-Modulated DFB Laser Structure with Inhomogeneous Coupling Coefficient
José Boavida, Carlos Fernandes, José Morgado
#27ASE Noise Simulation in Raman Amplification Systems
Nelson Muga, Meire Fugihara, Mário Ferreira, Armando Pinto
#34All-Optical Remote Node for Cost-Effective Metro-Access Convergence-
Sílvia Pato, João Pedro, João Santos, Henrique Silva, João Pires, Paulo Monteiro
#37Analysis of a Pump Reflecting Raman Fiber Amplifier
João Ferreira, Meire Fugihara, Armando Pinto
#38Visible Light Communication for Advanced Driver Assistant Systems
Navin Kumar, Luis Alves Nero, Rui L Aguiar
#45Chromatic dispersion monitoring scheme with very high dispersion monitoring window at 40 Gbit/s
Vitor Ribeiro, Mário Lima, António Teixeira, Rogério Nogueira
#46Impact of Transient Response of Optical Amplifiers Operating with Burst Traffic
Berta Neto, Cláudia Reis, Ana Maria Rocha, Gabriele Incerti, Nayoa Wada, Giorgio Tosi-Beleffi, Davide Forin, António Teixeira, Paulo André
#51Improving the Upstream Channel Efficiency of Passive Optical Networks via Frame Aggregation and Compression
João Santos, Pedro Inácio, João Gomes, Artur Arsénio, João Pires, Mário Freire, Paulo Monteiro
#53On Building a Distributed Antenna System with Joint Signal Processing for Next Generation Wireless Access Networks: The FUTON Approach
Sílvia Pato, João Pedro, João Santos, Artur Arsénio, Pedro Inácio, Paulo Monteiro
#56High power effect in bend SMF fiber
Ana Maria Rocha, Gabriele Incerti, Davide Forin, Giorgio Bellefi, Margarida Facão
#57Effects of the Noise Spikes on the Digital Symbol Synchronizers
António Reis, José Rocha, Atilio Gameiro, José Carvalho
#90Intensity Modulated Remodulation Scheme Based on Single-Sideband Manchester Downstream Signal for Usage in Ring Tree Networks
Nataša Pavlovic, Liliana Costa, António Teixeira
#108Modeling of Bend Losses in Single-Mode Optical Fibers
André Filipe Moreira Martins, Ana Maria Rocha, Berta Neto, António Teixeira, Margarida Facão, Rogério Nogueira, Mário Lima, Paulo André
#110Remotely Reconfigurable Remote Node for Hybrid Ring-Tree Passive Optical Networks
Albano Baptista, Marco Ferreira, André Quinta, Mário Lima, António Teixeira
#124Implementation of an Automated Fiber Bragg Grating Writing System
Carlos Marques, Miguel Drummond, Francelli Corandi, Rogério Nogueira
#126Analysis of Different Writing Techniques for Chirped Fibre Bragg Gratings
Francelli Klemba Coradin, Carlos Marques, Rogério Nunes Nogueira, João Lemos Pinto, Márcia Muller, José Luís Fabris

Power Systems for Telecommunications
ID Title
#47One Cycle Control Design for High Performance Two-Level Power Inverters
Carlos Ferreira, Beatriz Borges, Luís Sá
#75Single Stage Techniques for Power Factor Correction
Hugo Ribeiro, Beatriz Borges, Carlos Ferreira
#111An Improved Method for Monolithic CMOS Quasi-Square-Wave DC-DC Converters-
Vitor Costa, Pedro Santos, Beatriz Borges

Quantum Effects in Information and Transmission
ID Title
#35Single-Photon Generation
Nuno Silva, Nelson Muga, Armando Pinto
#62Quantum identification system over private quantum channel
José Cláudio Nascimento, Paulo Mateus Carreira, Rubens Viana Ramos
#93Quantum Tags for the Authentication of Classical Public Messages
Francisco Marcos De Assis, Paulo Mateus, Yasser Omar

Services and Applications
ID Title
#30Activeness and Responsiveness in Mobile Processes
Maxime Gamboni, António Ravara
#52Taxonomy for Wireless Sensor Networks Services Characterisation and Classification
Luís Borges, Fernando Velez, António Lebres

Signal Processing
ID Title
#10Vessel Detection and velocity estimation using SAR amplitude images
Duarte Carona, Paulo Marques
#36Unsupervised Hyperspectral Signal Subspace Identification
José M.P. Nascimento, José Bioucas-Dias
#63MMSE Receivers for Non-Linearly Distorted OFDM Signals
João Oliveira, Miguel Rodrigues, Henrique Salgado
#80Phonetic Recognition Improvements through Input Feature Set Combination and Acoustic Context Window Widening
Carla Lopes, Fernando Perdigão
#83A Review of Current Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems for Polyp Detection in Virtual Colonoscopy
Farhan Riaz, Miguel Tavares Coimbra, Mário Dinis Ribeiro
#99Out-Of-Vocabulary Detection and Confidence Measures for Speech Recognition Using Phone Models--
Arlindo Veiga, Cláudio Neves, Fernando Perdigão, Luís Sá
#115Image Restoration with Compound Regularization Using a Bregman Iterative Algorithm
Manya Afonso, José Bioucas-Dias, Mário Figueiredo
#116Adaptive Total Variation Image Reconstruction: Application to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
João Oliveira, José Bioucas-Dias, Mário Figueiredo
#118Improved SOVE Algorithm for Full Velocity Vector Estimation of Ships using Amplitude SAR Data
Andrea Radius, Paulo Marques
#119Theoretical Performance of the MEDLL Algorithm for the New Navigation Signals
Nuria Blanco-Delgado, Fernando D. Nunes
#120From diversity and denoising to phase imaging
Gonçalo Valadão, José Bioucas-Dias
#121Audio Fingerprinting System for Broadcast Streams
Cláudio Neves, Arlindo Veiga, Luís Sá, Fernando Perdigão
#122On the computation of a nonnegative matrix factorization and its application in telecommunications
Ana Almeida, Luís Merca Fernandes, Joaquim Júdice, João Patrício
#127A fast FPGA implementation of the inter-layer deblocking filter for H.264/SVC
Guilherme Corrêa, Luciano Agostini, Luis Cruz

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