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Conference Venue

The WFCS 2016 conference will hosted in the main campus (Campus Santiago) of the University of Aveiro (UA). The Campus Santiago is located in the city center of Aveiro, near Hospital Infante D. Pedro and overlooking Aveiro's lagoon. The talks will be held in the room "Sala de actos" within the campus rectory building, pinpointed in the following map.

University of Aveiro Rectory Building

Campus Universitário de Santiago

3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal

Campus Map


Flying to Portugal

The closest airport is Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport in Oporto, located at approximately 70km north of Aveiro. Portela's International Airport in Lisbon is located at approximately 250km south of Aveiro. For more information please consult ANA (airports).

From Oporto to Aveiro

The journey from the airport to the railway station (called Porto-Campanhã), which has direct rail connections to Aveiro, can be done by taxi for around 20€ and takes around 30 minutes.

A less expensive way to reach the Porto-Campanhã railway station is to use the Metro, Violet (E) Line, which has a terminal at the airport. The trips between the airport and the railway station take about 32 minutes and require a Z4 ticket. These tickets can be bought from automatic machines found in every metro station at a cost of 1.85€ per trip plus 0.60€ for the (rechargeable) ticket card. For more information please consult Oporto's metro company webpage. A map of the metro's network can be found here.

There are many trains running regularly between Porto-Campanhã and Aveiro. The train journey to Aveiro takes about 40 minutes if you take the Alfa Pendular (AP), the InterCidades (IC), or the Regional (R)/InterRegional (IR) train, or about 1h15 if you take a regular urban train (U). The tickets can be bought at the Porto-Camanhã station; the ticket prices per trip between Porto-Campanhã and Aveiro are the following :

  • Alfa Pendular : 19.70€ for a 1st class ticket and 14.20€ for a 2nd class ticket;
  • InterCidades : 12.70€ for a 1st class ticket and 11.70€ for a 2nd class ticket;
  • Regional / InterRegional : 5.75€ / 6.35€;
  • Urban : 3.40€.
Timetables for the aforementioned trains can be found in the following links : Urban trains, AP/IC trains and Regional trains.

From Lisbon to Aveiro

If you're arriving by plane, the best way to come to Aveiro is by train from Lisboa-Oriente railway station. To get to the train station you can either take a taxi, metro or a bus.

The trip by taxi takes about 10 minutes and costs approximately 10€. You can also use the Metro, Red Line, which also takes about 10 minutes but has a cost of 1.40€ per trip plus 0.50€ to purchase a rechargeable ticket card. A map of Lisbon's Metro network can be found here. For more information please consult Lisbon's metro company webpage.

You can also take bus number 705, 708 and 744 to take you to the railway station. However, it is advisable to take the Metro instead since they present a more flexible timetable and present the same costs.

To reach the University Campus

Aveiro's railway station is located at about 20 minutes walking distance or 5 minutes taxi ride from the University Campus. To reach the Campus, you can also use the bus (blue line) which departs at regular intervals from outside the railway station. The bus trip takes about 10 minutes and has a cost of 1€ per trip.

If you decide to walk instead, the following map shows a suggested route.

Note : Some of the previously presented information was retrieved from the University of Aveiro's website.

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