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Keynote 1 - Wednesday, May 4th

Deterministic Ethernet for Real-Time and Critical Applications
Wilfried Steiner, TTTech Computertechnik AG, Austria

Abstract When Ethernet has been developed in the early nineteen-seventies and consequently standardized in the early nineteen-eighties by the IEEE only few would have anticipated its enormous success. While in the beginning Ethernet challenged and overwhelmed competitive protocols for standard IT applications, like office applications, it soon entered other application areas as for example data centers and telecommunications. Industrial automation adopted Ethernet as a basic communication protocol and several extensions to Ethernet have been developed by this industry to help Ethernet meeting real-time and fault-tolerance requirements (e.g., Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCat). Ethernet is also used in most demanding applications, such as automotive, aerospace (ARINC 664), and space applications. Most recently, in Dec/2014, an Ethernet variant (Time-Triggered Ethernet) has even been successfully tested as the avionics backbone network of NASA's Orion Multiple-Purpose Crew Vehicle, the next-generation space capsule that is planned to bring astronauts back to moon and to Mars in a not too distant future.

In this talk I will discuss “Deterministic Ethernet”, extensions to Ethernet that provide real-time and fault-tolerance properties. We start with those Ethernet extensions as standardized or currently being standardized by the IEEE 802.1, AVB and TSN. We then continue in with the discussion of real-time, safety, and availability mechanisms that are beyond the IEEE standardization at the time of this writing, but specified in Ethernet variants, like Time-Triggered Ethernet. We complement these discussions with an overview of existing configuration and analysis techniques for the presented Ethernet solutions.

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Keynote 2 - Thursday, May 4th

Digitalization – The Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Tomas Erik Lagerberg, ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

Abstract Digitalization has already to a large extent revolutionized our daily life. Just think about how we listen to music today, or do bank business, or shop, or learn new stuff etc. The smartphone has quickly become an important part of our life. For young people even the center of gravity, the thing that their life is spinning around! This digital revolution really started when Apple announced their first iPhone back in 2007, i.e. less than 10 years ago. This has in turn accelerated the development of mobile communications, computer graphics, CPU chips, sensors, cloud storage, embedded systems etc. When people talk about the fourth industrial revolution they are talking about that digitalization now really are starting to impact and transform also industrial sectors. Companies that want to survive in the future must embrace new technology and use it to increase their competitiveness in a global market.

In this talk I will talk about the important technologies that are driving this fourth industrial revolution, as well as how it might effect industrial companies. Some questions that might be answered during my presentations are “what does computer gaming have to do with industrial automation?”, “where do humans fit into the future digital plant?”, “what are those things that are being connected to Internet?” and “what is the significance of the fact that Gangnam Style has more than 2.5 billion youtube viewings?”

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Industry Day

Keynote - Tuesday, May 3rd

From Ethernet to EtherCAT: Impact of a unique Functional Principle
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Florian Hammel, Nuremberg, Germany

Abstract Ethernet is a great technology. However, industrial communication was not in the focus during the development. Some Ethernet characteristics make it challenging to use it as a real-time fieldbus. EtherCAT addresses those problems with its unique functional principle and provides a high- performance, low-cost, and easy to implement and use solution for industrial communication.

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