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Social Events (Preliminary)

Wednesday, May 4rd, 2016

18H00-22H00 Welcome Reception

Activities :

1. Visit to a traditional shop to see, taste and learn how "Ovos moles" are made

Ovos Moles de Aveiro ("soft eggs”) is a local dessert and sweet from Aveiro District, Portugal. It is made of egg yolks and sugar with and famous throughout Portugal and considered a specialty of the district Aveiro. There are a number of “pastelarias” (sweet shops) that carry the origin and tradition of this typical sweet.

For more information please visit :
Centro de Portugal Webpage
Maria da Apresentação - Considered the best "ovos moles" in the region

Traditional "Ovos moles" sweet

2. Boat Trip

Aveiro is considered the Venice of Portugal because of its boats running in the main Ria (canal) in the heart of the city. These boats are brightly painted with images representing the history and traditions of the city. These lavish decorated boats are commonly used for transporting tourists around the city, with a guide explaining the history of each place they pass by in different languages such as Spanish, French, and English etc. Your Aveiro boat trip will begin from the city center, a few meters away from the famous square on which the fish market is located. Usually, the trip lasts for 45-60 minutes and passes by various historical spots in the city.

For more information please visit :

Picture:Aveiro Boats
Aveiro - Venice of Portugal

3. Museum Visit

Aveiro's Museum is one of the places for tourist attraction which consists of the buildings of the Jesus Monastery, with its church, cloisters and other convent buildings, and was established as long ago as 1911. The monastery itself comes with plenty of history, having played an important role in the lives of Portugal’s monarchy in the 15th century. The collection brings together lovely examples of religious and history art. Aveiro Museum is situated on the main square in the center of the city, opposite the Sao Domingos Church. It is close to Forum Aveiro (Shopping center) and many other points of interest on the visitor routes, ensuring that whatever your itinerary is, it should be easy to visit to this delightful museum during your time in the city.

For more information please visit :
Museum of Aveiro

Picture:Aveiro Museum
Museum of Aveiro

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

18H00-23H00 Gala Dinner

Activities :

1. Bus trip via Costa-Nova

A bus trip is organized for the participants and the visit place is Costa Nova, Aveiro. Costa Nova is located approximately 10 km from the main city center and is mostly famous for its colorful striped houses, laying on a small strip of land between the beach and the Aveiro lagoon. Costa Nova and Barra have the two most famous beaches in the region. Both beaches are excellent for swimming and both are easily accessible by the lagoon which offers further opportunities for water sports. Other facilities such as sailing, rowing, motorboats and water skiing also exits on both beaches, especially Costa Nova, are popular for surfers. It is also possible to walk the length of the beach along wooden boardwalks and floating bridges, which add a feeling of rustic charm.

For more information please visit :
Costa Nova

Picture:Costa Nova Houses
Typical Costa Nova's houses

2. Visit to Vista Alegre Museum

The Vista Alegre Museum and Porcelain Factory in Aveiro are not to be missed during your stay in Aveiro. In the midst of some unique countryside, this space includes the harmonious palace where seven generations of the Pinto Basto family have lived, the 17th-century Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Penha de França, a building of great artistic value, the 19th-century housing estate built for the workers, the porcelain factory, the Museum and the theatre.

For more information please visit :
Vista Alegre
Vista Alegre (Portuguese)

Picture:Museum Vista Alegre
Museum Vista Alegre

3. Dinner at Hotel Montebelo

The gala dinner will be at Hotel Montebelo.

For more information please visit :
Hotel Montebelo

Picture:Hotel Montebelo
Hotel Montebelo


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