Workshop on Space Technologies & Synergies with Technological Poles


Instituto de Telecomunicações, Aveiro, Portugal
28th November 2011


Time Speaker Title
9h30m Carlos Neto (UA) and José Neves (IT) Welcome Part 1 and Part 2
9h45m Dominique Le Queau (STAE Toulouse) The aerospace Toulouse sector: the experience and goals of the STAE Network (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4)
10h30m Coffe Break
10h45m Thyrso Villela (AEB) An overview of the Brazilian Space Program
11h30m Vasco Lagarto (TICE) The Competitivity Pole on Information, Communication and Electronics
11h40m Celeste Pereira (INEGI) New Materials and Structures for Space
11h55m João Rocha CICECO
12h15m Paulo Guedes (Critical Software) Critical Software
12h35m Free Lunch
14h00m Oxana Tchepel (CESAM/DAO) Using satellites to improve our understanding on air pollution
14h20m Nuno Borges (IT) GaN : new generations of space telecom
14h40m Costa Pinto (EFACEC) EFACEC - Space activities
15h00m Carlos Fernandes (IT) Microwave & millimeter wave dielectric antennas
15h20m Pedro Rodrigues (Tekever) Tekever
15h40m Coffee Break
16h00m Bruno Carvalho (Active Space Technologies) Active Space Technologies
16h20m António Ferreira (DEFUA) DEFUA
16h40m Pedro Portela (HPS) Spacecraft Structural and Thermal hardware made in Portugal
17h00m Armando Neves
I3N/UA research on materials
17h20m Domingos Barbosa (IT) Closing

Name Title
Fausto Vieira (IT, FEUP) "Network Coding for Broadband Satellite Communications"
Rodolfo Martins (Evoleo) "DHPU - Data Handling and Processing Unit"
Rodolfo Martins (Evoleo) "EVOLEO Technologies Competences"
Diogo Pinheiro (IT, UA) "A Healpix viewer : Large scale Data base management for space missions"
Miguel Bergano (IT, UA) "From Ground radiometry to space applications"