Workshop on Space Technologies & Synergies with Technological Poles


Instituto de Telecomunicações, Aveiro, Portugal
28th November 2011

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Domingos Barbosa, Nuno Borges and Armando Rocha

Preliminary Program (28th November)

Key Speakers

  • Dominique le Queau, Coordinator Fondaction STAE, Toulouse (Confirmed), "The aerospace Toulouse sector: the experience and goals of the STAE Network"
  • Thyrso Villela, Director of Brazilian Space Agency , "An overview of the Brazilian Space Program"; (Confirmed)
  • Vasco Lagarto, TICE Coordinator, "The Competitivity Pole on Information, Communication and Electronics"


  • Ricardo Patricio, Active Space Technologies
  • Pedro Portela, High Performance Structures, Lda.
  • Costa Pinto, EFACEC - Space activities
  • Critical Software - (TBC)
  • Omnidea (TBC)
  • André Oliveira, Tekever: Information Technology for Aerospace Sector (TBC)


Academia UA

  • Nuno Borges, IT "GaN : new generations of space telecom"
  • Casimiro Pio / Carlos Borrego, CESAM "Environment and Oceanography"
  • António Luis Ferreira, DFUA "From nanomaterials to new sensor applications"
  • Domingos Barbosa, IT : "Science : ground and space radio sensor applications"
  • Carlos Fernandes, IT-Lisbon: "Microwave & millimeter wave dielectric antennas" (TBC)


  • WaveCom
  • Portugal Telecom Inovação
  • Sinuta: Antenna dishes for satellite Internet

Venue and Location

28th November 2011, Amphitheater of Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Aveiro, Portugal.