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José Maria Pós de Mina (Mayor of Moura) Welcoming Session
Thomas Parker (European Spallation Source) Green large scale research infrastructures
Andrew Faulkner (UCAMB) Aperture Array Power Challenges
Arnold van Ardenne (ASTRON, Netherlands) A planned Green Powered high-frequency array demonstrator
Michael Kramer (MPIfR, Germany; Videolink) SKA as a green infrastructure
Larry D'Addario (JPL/Caltech, USA) How to implement SKA digital signal processing so that it uses very little power
Reinhard Keller (MPIfR, Germany) RFI from Solar Power Equipment
Riaan Smit(SKA South Africa; Videolink) Renewable Energy, Grid Integration and SKA High Voltage supply
Phil Crosby (SKA Office) Powering the SKA: An Industry Briefing
Manuel Silva (CTAER, Spain) Thermal Solar Energy and Power Plants
Yu Nam-cheol (KEPCO KDN, Korea) Korea Smart Grid Program and SKA Power System
Antonio Mano (EDP & EnergyIn, Portugal) Industry Forecasts
Carlos Blanco (ALENER, Spain) BIOSTIRLING4SKA: Exploring Stirling dishes and energy storage for a 24/7 solar powered SKA
Domingos Barbosa (IT Aveiro, Portugal) AAVS ? :Moura Developments
Matthew Simmons (Arvus Group, New Zealand) Arvus key projects
Arnold van Ardenne (ASTRON) Closure Remarks and Discussion


Morning - Visit to Amareleja Photovoltaic Power Plant, Amareleja Moura, Portugal

Afternoon - Visit to PS10/PS20 Thermal Solar Plants (ABENGOA), Sanlucar, Sevilla, Spain

Main Themes

  • 1 - SKA Power Challenge (morning)
  • 2 - Solar/Renewable Options and Challenges (R&D Institutes); smartGRID management (morning)
  • 3 - Industry Points of view (R&D, trend and investment)
  • 4 - Power and Utilization Risk management

Program 21st June

  • 1 - On site visits: Amareleja 47MW PV plant (Moura, Portugal)
  • 2 - On site visits: PS10, PS20 Solar thermal plants (Sanlúcar la Mayor, Sevilla, Spain)
  • There will be a bus available for the visits.