The Power Challenges of Mega-Science Infrastructures: the example of SKA


Moura, Portugal and Sevilla, Spain
20th-21st June 2012

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Registered Participants

Rui Agostinho (OAL/CAAUL, Portugal)

Sonia Ánton (CICGE-UP, Portugal)

Arnold van Ardenne (ASTRON, Netherlands)

Domingos Barbosa (IT, Portugal)

André Cartaxo (LOGICA, Portugal)

Rui Carvalho (SunBD, Portugal)

João Costa (SelfEnergy, Portugal)

Phil Crosby (SKA Organization)

Larry D'Addario (JPL/Caltech, USA)

António Duarte (LOGICA, Portugal)

Andrew Faulkner (Cambridge, UK)

Karl Gypstra (MPfiR, Germany)

Reinhard Keller (MPfiR, Germany)

Michael Kramer (MPfiR, Germany - Videolink)

Ana Magalhães (INEGI, Portugal)

Dalmiro Maia (CICGE-UP, Portugal)

António Mano (EnergyIn / EDP Renewables, Portugal)

Miguel Matias (SelfEnergy, Portugal)

Rob Milenaar (SKA Organization)

Yu Nam-cheol, (KEPCO KDN, South KOREA)

Mariana Oliveira (EnergyIn, Portugal)

Thomas Parker (European Spallation Source, Sweden)

Nuno Pereira (Logica EM, Portugal)

Fabienne ROCHE (Methode Electronics, UK)

Juande Santander-Vela (IAA-CSIC, Spain)

Vitor Silva (Logica EM, Portugal)

André Simão (SunBD, Portugal)

Bong Won Sohn (KASI, South Korea)

Matthew Simmons (Arvus Group International Ltd, New Zealand)

Riaan Smit (ESKOM, South Africa - Videolink)

Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro (IAA-CSIC, Spain)

Jan van de Donk (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Netherlands)

Andre van Es (ASTRON, Netherlands )


IMPORTANT: For security reasons enforced by the Power Plant companies, participants are requested to send the workshop organizers their ID details (passport number+nationality+expiration date) no later than 10th June.