The Power Challenges of Mega-Science Infrastructures: the example of SKA


Moura, Portugal and Sevilla, Spain
20th-21st June

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Open: 1st March 2012
Deadline: 4th June 2012

The Workshop is limited to 45 people. The intended audience targets scientists and engineers willing to discuss the challenges on Power, sustainable energy systema and the SKA scenarios.

To register and/or submit an abstract for a presentation, please send an email to Domingos Barbosa and Juande Santander-Vela.

Venue and Location

Anfiteatro of Escola Profissional de Moura (20th), Moura, Alentejo Province, Portugal (Rua Henrique Josť Pinto - Apartado 52 Moura, 7860 - 355, Portugal, Tel: (+351) 285 200 060. CTAER, PS10/PS20 Plants at Sanlucar, Sevilla, Spain

Financial Assistance: Limited financial assistance will be provided for speakers and attendees from the radio astronomy community. Please contact the chair of RadioNet3 European Radio Astronomy Technical Forum (ERATec) Reinhard Keller for more information.


This workshop intends to review current R&D trends, industry forecasts for solar energy options and experiences that may respond to the challenges set bythe Square Kilometer Array project. The Workshop will also review the convergence with the Horizon 2020 EC roadmap. The topics will cover Green Energy experiences with a focus on Solar Photovoltaic and Solar thermal instalations and smartGrid management.