Welcome to the 2nd Workshop on Low-Dimensional Structures: Properties and Applications

January, 31 - February, 1, 2008- Aveiro, Portugal

The following main sessions will be presented:

  • Energy Conversion
  • Photonics / Spintronics / Quantum Cryptography
  • Nanomedicine

List of speakers (will be updated continuously):

  • J.P. Conde, IST & INESC, Lisbon, Portugal
  • A. Strittmatter, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
  • U. Kaiser, Ulm University, Germany
  • A. Mikkelsen, Lunds University, Sweden
  • F.O. Lenzmann, ECN Solar Energy, The Netherlands
  • P. Boucaud, University of Paris XI, France
  • E. Kasper, University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • A. Hoffmann, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
  • E. Fortunato, New University of Lisbon & I3N, Portugal
  • M. Skolnick, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Y.R.R. Omar, ISEG & IT, Portugal
  • A. Pinto, University of Aveiro & IT, Portugal
  • T. Trindade, University of Aveiro & CICECO, Portugal
  • L. Turyanska, University of Nottingham, UK
  • F. Chichos, University of Leipzig, Germany
  • P. Freitas, INESC, Lisbon, Portugal
  • M. Ward, Toshiba, Cambridge, UK
  • D.M. Forin, University of Rome Tor Vergata - ISCOM, Italy
  • J. Viana-Gomes, University of Minho, Portugal
  • P. André, University of Aveiro & IT, Portugal
  • L.Pereira, University of Aveiro & I3N, Portugal



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Organizing committee:

M.C. Carmo

N. Sobolev

L. Pereira

A. Cunha

P. André

P. Silva

Secretary contact:

Phone: +351 234 377 900

Fax: +351 234 377 901

E-mail: wlds2008@av.it.pt