DiNEq Overview


  • DiNEq – Digital Nonlinear Equalization in Very-High Speed Coherent Optical Transmission Systems is an FCT funded project at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) in Aveiro, Portugal. The main aim is to enhance the capacity of optical core networks through the digital mitigation of nonlinear fiber impairments.


  • The exponentially growing traffic demand in optical core networks has exhausted the single-mode fiber capacity within the linear regime. Within the framework of DiNEq, we propose to develop novel digital equalization strategies in order to counteract the signal distortion imposed by fiber nonlinearities, in very-high speed (>= 100 Gbit/s/ch) and ultra-dense (>= 4 bit/Hz) multi-wavelength coherent optical transmission systems. An efficient compensation of nonlinear distortions in long-haul optical fiber systems will translate into increased signal reach and spectral efficiency, enabling the deployment of next-generation 400G and 1T optical channels.


  • DiNEq project was started in July 2013 and ended in December 2015.