Project Goal

By introducing an additional orthogonal multiplexing dimension, the space, along with advanced modulation formats OPTICAL-5G will accomplish optical backhaul solutions with very-high capacity, spectral efficiency, and energy efficiency, and low cost per bit.



Project objectives

Objective 1

  • Develop a complete set of numerical tools to fully emulate very high capacity optical backhaul systems, supported by MCF and FMF, for 5G networks;

  • Objective 2

    Propose new low-complexity and modulation format agnostic digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for flexible and customizable optical coherent systems, employing variable bit rate hybrid quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) schemes;

    Objective 3

    Design of hybrid SDM networks (MCF/FMF plus free-space optical links) to an increased robustness, flexibility and security of optical backhaul 5G networks;

    Objective 4

  • Extrapolated the proposed very-high capacity solutions for application in data center connectivity environments.