DAY 1 THURSDAY | 13.06.2013


08:00 | Registration
09:00 | Welcome Words

  • Carlos Pascoal Neto (University of Aveiro)
  • Pedro Matos (FCT)

09:10 - 10:30 | High level Round Table - Moderator - Carlos Salema
  • Antonio Murta, Digital Champion Europe, representative of Portugal
  • Vilmos Németh, counsellor, National Innovation Office
  • Joao Barros, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Porto
  • Rolf H. Weber, Chair for International Business Law Faculty of Law, University of Zurich

10:30 | Coffee

Session 1: Smart Cities and Use Cases

11:00 - 12.30 | Panel Discussion - Moderator - Joao Schwarz da Silva
Objetives of the Session:

- To examine the approaches currently being adopted by cities seeking to adopt Future Internet as an enabler meeting Smart Cities’ needs and demands under various use cases;
- To question the agenda of issues regarding Smart Cities and Future Internet in the context of an economic downturn;
- To discuss visions and perspectives of Smart Cities as incubators of improved organizational approaches favoring efficiency, productivity an innovation;
- To provide a framework for exchange of knowledge resulting from on-going experiments and demonstrations.

12:30 | Networking Lunch

Session 2: Internet Architectures - Fixed and Wireless

14:00 - 15:30 | Panel Discussion - Moderator - Rui Aguiar
Objetives of the Session:

- To examine the current developments of new architectural designs for the Internet and question the extent to which such developments enable sustained innovation and respond to sound economic principles;
- To question the current “cloud” trends in relation to the evolved Future Internet architecture;
- To discuss the robustness of the Internet in light of the ongoing explosion of wireless connected devices;
- To provide a framework for exchange of knowledge resulting from on-going experiments and demonstrations.

15:30 | Coffee

Session 3: Internet Policy – Regulations, Governance, Standards, Data Protection

16:00 - 17:30 | Panel Discussion - Moderator - Demosthenes Ikonomou
Objetives of the Session:

- To examine what governments, legislators, and their regulatory agencies are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing Internet technologies and uses;
- To provide views on the current state of cyber-security research, cyber attacks and cyber threats to all relevant stakeholders;
- To discuss emerging approaches and technical solutions with a focus on standardization opportunities for the Future Internet;
- To assess on-going progress and new measures in data protection, and how technological change is being incorporated in the future thinking of data protection;
- To understand how to reconcile the data privacy interests of companies – operators, software providers, content developers, with those of society as represented by regulators and consumers.

17:30 | Closing Words

20:00 | Gala Dinner
in "Aliança - Vinhos de Portugal" with a visit to the Museum Underground Alliance

DAY 2 FRIDAY | 14.06.2013

08:00 | Registration and Coffee
08:30 - 8:40 | Opening Words

Session 4 - Part I: Big Data, Cloud, Smart Spaces, loT, M2M

08:40 - 10:40 | Panel Discussion - Moderator - Latif Ladid
Objetives of the Session:

- To understand how businesses of all sizes struggle to find solutions for dealing with the growing volume of data;
- To examine the potential of big data and open data approaches in uncovering previously unseen patterns and develop sharper insights about their businesses and environments;
- To discuss the merits of open data strategies and how open data approaches ensure competitive advantage through direct interactions with customers, partners and suppliers;
- To discuss on-going cloud computing developments and strategies that remove uncertainties over data security and data movement between cloud providers.
- To understand what are smart spaces and how they contribute to innovation;
- To examine on-going and future technological developments in the Internet of Things and how to efficiently and economically capture, analyze and act upon data generated by devices;
- To discuss the societal challenges arising from a potentially widespread adoption of sensor based technologies in a variety of environments such as transport, health, robotics, environment etc;
- To assess how M2M is being utilized to improve business processes, drive revenue and spur innovation.

10:40 | Coffee

Session 4 - Part II: Big Data, Cloud, Smart Spaces, loT, M2M

11:00 - 13:00 | Panel Discussion - Moderator - Latif Ladid

13.00 | Closing Words - Networking Lunch



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