IEEE 802.11p / WAVE Video Transmission
20th September 2011

In this video you can watch the IEEE 802.11p hardware/software developed by Instituto de Telecomunicações / Universidade de Aveiro in a real-world video transmission situation.
The platform is capable of timely transmit video from vehicles in front of it so that obstructions like large trucks can become "transparent" to vehicles behind them.

IEEE 802.11p / WAVE Channel Switching Demo
30th June 2011

This is the first demo of the IEEE 802.11p / WAVE driver that is being developed by IT Aveiro in the scope of the DRIVE-IN project. Here we focus on the channel switching feature of the driver that is mandated by the standards.

The demo is performed using 3 on-board units, two acting as video receivers, operating in different channels, and another one as a streamer that is capable of switching between both channels. We start by showing that the streamer can communicate with each receiver and then show that it can also transmit a video stream to both receivers by seamlessly switching between the two channels.