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4TELL is a visionary and cutting-edge research team within the Wireless Communications Research Area at the Instituto de Telecomunicações in Aveiro. The competence of the team is focused on targeting innovative solutions in 4 principle domains, namely in providing Ubiquity, Convergence, Optimized and Secure solutions for communication networks of the future.

The mission is to carry out world class research and innovation for the next generation of ubiquitous and converged network and service infrastructures for communication, computing and media leading to a real IP multimedia world of services. This entails addressing the evolution from today's large legacy infrastructures towards the new infrastructures by striking a balance between backward compatibility requirements and the need to explore disruptive architectures to build the future internet, mobile, broadband, broadcasting and associated service infrastructures.
Numerous publications are held by the team across many fields.

4TELL is a multi-cultural research group: researchers from over 18 nations have worked in or graduated from 4TELL so far.



The research interests of the team include:

- Radio Resource Management
- Cooperative Strategies for Energy Efficiency
- Cognitive Radio Networks
- Localization based Wireless Communications
- Media Independent Handover and Security





4TELL has a very strong portfolio of national and European-funded projects, mainly in the scope of the FP7, in roles that range from Workpackage Leader to Technical Manager and Project Coordinator.

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EVENTS AND Highlights


C2POWER and COGEU sucessfully finished!

4TELL team is an actively participating member of ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

The 4TELL edited book on Green Communications for 4G Wireless Systems has been published.

4TELL heads the EC RAS Cluster.



Workshop @IEEE GLOBECOM 2012

Workshops @IEEE ICC 2012

C2POWER and COGEU showcased in the European Commission's NET-TECH Future

Special invitation for FCT workshop presenting COGEU project and 4TELL success model for research at international level



C2POWER Workshop co-located with IEEE VTC Spring

COGEU invited for a hearing in the European Parliament



4TELL organized the ACM sponsored MOBIMEDIA 2010, in Lisbon.

Meeting with ANACOM

IEEE P1900.6: contributions to the standard

C2POWER and COGEU, two FP7 projects coordinated by 4TELL start.



4TELL research activities highlighted in an interview @ Antena 1.

4TELL showcased in a Visão article.


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